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Meet the New Generation VESDA VEP.

Introducing VESDA VLQ

The LaserQuantum VLQ detector is a cost-effective Aspirated Smoke Detection (ASD / HSSD) solution that meets the unique needs of numerous small area applications of up to 100 m2 (1,000 ft2).


Small data rooms are becoming increasingly common within small to medium businesses. Data loss from fire could have catastrophic results. Replacing standard addressable point smoke detectors with the Xtralis Vesda VLQ improves smoke detection reliability, minimises risks and provides very early warning of potential fire situations.


The Vesda VLQ detector is suitable for high sensitivity detection within small data rooms / comms rooms. It is the quickest and easiest way of providing a highly competitive but far superior aspirating smoke detection solution.


VESDA-E Pocket Guide
  • For Designers: Double the pipe lengths of the Vesda LaserPLUS (VLP). Create VESDA system designs, easier & faster. (Requires the Aspire-E design software - available from our support / download page).
  • For Engineers: Easier programming & commissioning through Wifi, Ehthernet  & mobile Apps (iPhone & Android devices are both supported on the App stores - Search Xtralis Vesda Software).
  • End Users: Far greater sensitivity & reliability than any other existing VESDA detector.

Get the Info on the VESDA-E VEU with the new pocket guide.

  • VESDA-E provides a lifetime of value, reliability, & protection – utilising VESDA-E can reduce  your Total Cost of Ownership by 15%.
  • Flexible networking and programming can reduce maintenance and monitoring costs by up to 50%.
  • Design-less pipe networks offer the fastest time to VESDA protection and can save hours of design work and calculations.
  • VESDA-E is backward compatible with existing Vesda network installations providing easy upgrade options while protecting your investment.
  • Vesda Analytics, Vesda Verify and Vesda Smoke+ provide enhanced capabilities never available before on aspirating smoke detection products.


Vesda E Data Sheet

.PDF file format

Which VESDA Detector?

Pipe Work Design

The VESDA system family is growing and there is a detector to suit every application. From the cleanest data center to the harshest of environments there is a detector that can reliably detect smoke.


If you need assistance choosing the most suitable detector, contact us for advice & information.

It's important that an Aspirating smoke detector system is designed correctly. Pipe lengths, hole sizes & positions are important factors for the reliable operation of any aspirating detector.


As a valued customer you will have access to our free pipe work design service should you require help.

HSSD Support Site

VESDA Support

Our product support area has undergone a number of changes providing a simpler, cleaner way of downloading the most relevant information you need.


We have updated the Vesda product manuals, detector data sheets, Vesda application guides and included the VSC programming & Aspire design software.


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