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VESDA - When maintenance access is difficult
VESDA smoke detection in heritage

VESDA in heritage

VESDA early warning smoke detection is the perfect solution for heritage applications. Providing discreet, highly sensitive smoke detection ensures the irreplaceable architecture is protected against the threat of fire.
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Class A, B, C what does it all mean?

VESDA detectors are the market leader in Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) technology and since the introduction of ASD and incorporation in to British Standards and NFPA documents, its use has significantly increased providing a solution to a wide range of applications.

A VESDA system is an integral part of the overall fire system, even replacing conventional systems in certain applications. As such, the designer must ensure compliance to National Standards.

Download a quick guide to the FIA code of practice for Aspirating Detection Systems.


VESDA EN54-20 Approved

The VESDA brand is the first Aspirating Smoke Detector to be authorised to use the CE mark under the Construction Products Directive (CPD).

Vesda has received the "EC Certificate of Conformity" from LPCB which confirms the completion of the EN54-20 tests.

You can specify VESDA with EN54-20 approvals today; Just another reason why VESDA is the best Aspirating Detection solution for your company.


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More use of VESDA

More Use For VESDA

VESDA is synonymous with high sensitivity detection but with it's wide programmable sensitivity range it is being used more and more to replace conventional smoke detectors. False alarm reduction & discreet detection are some of the reasons why. Find out about utilising VESDA in different environments.