VESDA VLS (Laser Scanner) Specifications

VESDA VLS (Laser Scanner).

LaserSCANNER Detector Specifications

Supply Voltage:

18 to 30VDC


Power Consumption @ 24VDC: (No Display or Programmer)

Aspirator @ 3000rpm: Quiescent 240mA / 5.8W - In Alarm 310mA / 7.4W

Aspirator @ 4200rpm: Quiescent 400mA / 9.6W - In Alarm 470mA / 11.28W


Dimensions (WHD):

350mm x 225mm x 125mm (13.8in x 8.9in x 4.9in)



4.0kg (9lbs) including Display and Programmer modules


Operating Conditions:

Detector Ambient: 0°C to 39°C (32° to 103°F)

Sampled Air: -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)

Humidity: 10-95% RH, non-condensing


Please consult Ventec Systems Ltd for operation outside these parameters or where sampled air is continually above 0.05% obs/m (0.015% obs/ft) under normal operating conditions.


Sampling Network: View VLS Pipe Products

Aggregate pipe length: 200m (650ft)

Pipe Modelling Design Tool: ASPIRE™

Pipe Size: Minimum flow per pipe I5 litres/min.

External Diameter: 25mm (1in)

Internal Diameter: I5-2I mm (9/16in - 7/8in)


Programmable Relays:

7 or 12 Relays option Contacts rated 2A @ 30VDC


Default 7 Relays: NO/NC contacts Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2, Maintenance, Urgent Fault & Isolate


Default: 12 Relays: 10 x NO, 2 x NO/NC contacts Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2, Maintenance, Urgent Fault & Isolate, First Alarm Sector 1 to 4 and Scan


IP Rating: IP30



Field replaceable and monitored (Order Part No. VSP-005)*

* Requires a programming device to reset filter parameters


Cable Access: 8 x 25 mm (1 in) knockouts in various positions


Cable Termination: Screw terminals 0.2-2.5sq mm (30-12 A.G.)


Sensitivity Range: 0.005 to 20% obs/m (0.0015 to 6% obs/ft)


Alarm Threshold Setting Range:

Alert: 0.005 - 1.990% obs/m (0.0015 - 0.62 I 8% obs/ft)

Action: 0.010 - 1.995% obs/m (0.003 I - 0.6234% obs/ft)

Fire 1: 0.015 - 2.00% obs/m (0.0046 - 0.625% obs/ft)

Fire 2: 0.020 - 20.00% obs/m (0.0062 - 6.25% obs/ft)*

*Limited to 12% obs/m (4% obs/ft) in UL mode


Software Features:

Event Log: Up to 18,000 events stored on FIFO basis.


AutoLearn: Minimum I 5 minutes, maximum 15 days.Recommended minimum period 1 day. During AutoLearn thresholds are NOT changed from pre-set values.


Referencing: Compensation for external ambient conditions


Four Alarm Levels (per sector pipe): Alert, Action, Fire 1 & Fire 2


Two Fault Warning Levels: Maintenance and Major fault


Software Programmable Relays: 7 or 12


Maintenance Aids: Filter & Flow monitoring. Event reporting via VESDAnet or Event Log.


Adaptive Scan Threshold: Detector selects the appropriate scan threshold automatically




Hand Held Programmer (Order Part No. VHH-100)

PC Link HLI Interface (Order Part No. VHX-0200)

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